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Título : Comparative study of pulsed laser cleaning applied to weathered marble surfaces
Autor :  Ortiz Calderón, Pilar
 Antúnez Pérez, Vanessa
 Ortiz Calderón, María del Rocío
 Martín Ramírez, José María
 Gómez Morón, Auxiliadora
 Rodríguez Hortal, Ana
 Martínez-Haya, Bruno
Fecha: 2013
Descriptores tematicos:  Patrimonio cultural
 Patrimonio inmueble
 Conservación (Patrimonio)
 Limpieza por láser
Editorial : Elsevier
Fuente : Applied Surface Science, 2013, Volume 283, pp. 193–201
Resumen : The removal of unwanted matter from surface stones is a demanding task in the conservation of cultural heritage. This paper investigates the effectiveness of near-infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV) laser pulses for the cleaning of surface deposits, iron oxide stains and different types of graffiti (black, red and green sprays and markers, and black cutting-edge ink) on dolomitic white marble. The performance of the laser techniques is compared to common cleaning methods on the same samples, namely pressurized water and chemical treatments. The degree of cleaning achieved with each technique is assessed by means of colorimetric measurements and X-ray microfluorescence. Eventual morphological changes induced on the marble substrate are monitored with optical and electronic microscopy. It is found that UV pulsed laser ablation at 266 nm manages to clean all the stains except the cutting-edge ink, although some degree of surface erosion is produced. The IR laser pulses at 1064 nm can remove surface deposits and black spray acceptably, but a yellowing is observed on the stone surface after treatment. An economic evaluation shows that pulsed laser cleaning techniques are advantageous for the rapid cleaning of small or inaccessible surface areas, although their extensive application becomes expensive due to the long operating times required.
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URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11532/300334
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